Tracing the supply of components used in Islamic State IEDs

Evidence from a 20-month investigation in Iraq and Syria

This report examines more than 700 components used by IS forces to manufacture IEDs, identifies their provenance, and traces their chains of custody. The report presents findings from field investigations in Iraq and Syria conducted over a period of 20 months from July 2014.

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Groupes Armés Non Étatiques En République Centrafricaine

Types et sources d’armes et de munitions identifiées

Ce rapport au sujet des armes aux mains des groupes armées non-étatiques dans la République Centrafricaine reflète les résultats des enquêtes de terrain, menées entre avril et septembre 2014. Ces armes comprennent des vehicules militaires et des munitions de petit calibre, provenant du Soudan, fournissent aux forces de la Séléka pendant 2013. Ils comprennent également du matériel provenant de fournisseurs européens, vraisemblablement livrés, en premier lieu, aux forces gouvernementales sous la présidence de Bozizé ainsi qu’aux autres pays.

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Non-state armed groups in the Central African Republic

Types and sources of documented arms and ammunition

This report presents preliminary findings from a six-month field investigation from April to September 2014 into weapons used by non-state armed groups in the Central African Republic. It finds military vehicles and ammunition newly-supplied to Séléka rebel forces from Sudan during 2013, and military material from European suppliers originally supplied to Bozizé-era government forces and to other countries

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Distribution of Iranian Ammunition in Africa

Evidence from a nine-country investigation.

This report documents six years of collaborative investigations into the distribution of Iranian ammunition in Africa. It is the first comprehensive study of Iran’s weapon ‘footprint’ on the continent.

Focusing on nine African states, it identifies Iranian-manufactured ammunition in service with government forces and a variety of non-state entities, including foreign-backed insurgents, rebel forces, Islamist-oriented armed groups, and warring civilian communities.

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Rebel Forces in Northern Mali

Documented Weapons, Ammunition, and Related Materiel, April 2012–March 2013

A co-publication with the Small Arms Survey, Geneva, the report documents weapons, ammunition, and related materiel in service with rebel forces in Mali during the 2012–13 conflict.

The report identifies 41 weapon and ammunition types, ranging from small-calibre ammunition to major conventional armaments and military vehicles.

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Equipment captured by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Jonglei State in November 2014

This Dispatch documents weapons and ammunition supplied by Khartoum and airdropped to SPLA-iO rebel forces in South Sudan in November 2014.

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Islamic State weapons in Kobane

Analysis of weapons and ammunition captured from Islamic State forces in Kobane.

This Dispatch outlines weapons and ammunition that Kurdish YPG forces captured from Islamic State forces during the siege of Kobane, Syria, September 2014-January 2015.

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Islamic State Ammunition in Iraq and Syria

Analysis of small-calibre ammunition recovered from Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria - October 2014.

This Dispatch from the Field‘s findings derive from a series of Conflict Armament Research (CAR) field investigations conducted in the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq and northern Syria 22 July–15 August 2014.

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Islamic State Weapons in Iraq and Syria

Analysis of weapons and ammunition captured from Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

This dispatch outlines preliminary findings from an examination of weapons and ammunition captured from Islamic State (IS) forces in Iraq and Syria between mid-June 2014 and early August 2014.

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Field Guide 1:Warsaw Pact-Calibre Ammunition Quantity Tables

Tables providing packing weights and quantities of Warsaw Pact-calibre ammunition (from 5.45 mm to 14.5 mm). This field guide facilitates the rapid estimation of illicit ammunition transfer volumes. The tables feature all-up weight (AUW) data and calculations for a variety of modes of transfer, including ISO containers and various aircraft with a history of use in illicit arms transfers.

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Field Guide 2:Russian Manpads Technology

An extensive list of man-portable air defence system (MANPADS) component parts and their designations (from SA-7 to SA-24 systems). This field guide provides a succinct, but effective, way to identify system components from their markings and marks applied to packaging. Includes cyrillic designations.

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Field Guide 3:Warsaw Pact-Calibre Ammunition Box Marking

A comprehensive guide to understanding the meaning of marks applied to small-calibre ammunition packaging of Russian, former Soviet and Chinese origins. This field guide also provides information on cartridge headstamping and how it relates to marks applied to packaging (such as factory and year codes).

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Field Guide 4:Identifying Marks on Kalashnikov-Pattern Weapons

A guide to identifying marks on Kalashnikov-pattern assault rifles. This field guide provides comprehensive information on the design and positioning of marks applied to more than 30 models of Kalashnikov-pattern weapons from around the world.

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