Purchase Ledger Assistant

CAR is looking for a Purchase Ledger Assistant to join the central pillar of this unique and exciting organisation. You’ll be responsible for the accurate and timely maintenance of, and assistance with, the CAR purchase ledger and accounts payable duties within CAR. This is a remote working role but highly collaborative, and you will be in regular contact with CAR staff and consultants, as well as our suppliers and donors both within the UK and internationally.

Details of the role and how to apply: Purchase Ledger Assistant

Deadline: 4 June 2023, 23:59 BST

Consultancies – Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Technical Expert (Electronic Components)

CAR is looking for a skilled technical consultant with knowledge of electronic components integrated into weapon systems to support investigations into the global trends in acquisition, weaponisation, and deployment of such components in weapon systems used in Ukraine.

Details of the role and how to apply: ToR – TECH Consultant

Deadline: 23:59 BST, 14 April 2023

Conflict Armament Research welcomes unsolicited applications from SMEs who have the potential to fulfil consultancy roles within the activities of CAR’s work.

If you have technical experience in a specialist field that would benefit CAR’s work, please email a proposal letter with your curriculum vitae to [email protected].

Please include the following reference in your subject line: CAR_SME_[proposed role].

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity at CAR

Our goal is to be a diverse workforce that is representative, at all job levels. We are undergoing a process of change to ensure we as an organisation are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect; one where equal employment opportunities are available to applicants and teammates of all backgrounds and protected characteristics.

At Conflict Armament Research we believe that diversity and inclusion is critical to our success as a global organisation. As such, we aim to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool.